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March 2019 was #marchmeetthemaker Month. Much as we don’t make our baskets ourselves, some are made exclusively for us. So we decided to follow #meetthemaker as much as we could. Here are all our entries together in one place. Makes some interesting reading! Day 1 – How did your business come to be? Back in […]

New Year’s Resolutions from the Team at Choice Baskets!

Well that’s it, back to normal for another year! Hope you all had a lovely Christmas, much like us with some well needed rest thrown in. While settling back into the routine of work and school, I imagine houses are looking bare and empty? We have done our end of year stock take and everything […]

Willow Workshops at Choice Baskets

Willow Workshops at Choice Baskets Last week we held our second workshop of 2017 – Dragonfly’s and Bee’s, and what an evening we had. Willow weaving is not as easy as you would think, for a start willow doesn’t bend or it bends too much and cracks. There’s a fine line between the two. Before […]

Love is in the Air at Choice Baskets Willow Heart Workshop

      Love is in the Air at Choice Baskets Willow Heart Workshop Our first Workshop of 2017 was last Thursday evening, making and decorating Willow Hearts, just in time for Valentine’s Day, although I’m not sure if any of these hearts will be given away! With help from the lovely Susan Dobson of […]