The Link Between Beautiful Baskets and Office Storage Solutions

The Link Between Beautiful Baskets and Office Storage Solutions

The link between beautiful baskets and office storage solutions, don’t tell me, you didn’t know there was one!

Do you struggle with carrying files from work to home and back? The office furniture specialists at Calibre when questioned said they certainly do so we advised them to get hold of the wicker baskets from us at Choice Baskets.

These are the perfect size for storing or transporting your hanging files. Use them as extra storage for the less used files and keep under your executive desk. The strong woven rim is just the right width for hooking the files over, and the basket handles make it easier to manoeuvre around.

In addition to this, you might want to also have a look at other office storage solutions that are available online at popular office furniture stores like Calibre Office Furniture.

Furthermore, in our opinion, the top drawer of our desk so often becomes a dumping ground for all manner of pens, pencils, scissors and those other bits and pieces we need on a daily basis. But there is no order to the contents and we scrabble around looking for what we want. We have the answer, this seagrass divided tray, fits perfectly in a desk drawer and by using the sections for different items brings everything closer to hand. The Calibre team have also been swayed by this idea and are looking to make an order in the near future!

After all, innovation and creativity are key when it comes to modern working places.

Of course, we understand, if you do not have the drawer space for your pens etc, you could have a couple of our divided baskets on your desktop and store everything in a nice tidy way. The baskets are easy on the eye, reduce the use of drawer space and keep your pens and pencils close to hand.

So many offices look sterile, with nothing out of place and everything hidden in drawers or behind cupboard doors. Much as this produces a tidy work environment, it lacks feeling. We stock a range of beautiful wicker baskets here at Choice Baskets, with or without linings and lids. Perfect to mix n match and make your office look more appealing while maximising the space available.


If you have redundant space in your office, fill it with a basket! Waste paper bins are always so useful, but often forgotten at the design stage.

If you’re struggling to find the right size good quality basket for your space, contact the experts at Choice Baskets or if you require advice on a broad range of office storage products than contact the trained experts at Calibre. Both companies would be more than happy to do their very best to find a solution for you.

Choice Baskets would like to thank Calibre Office Furniture for the opportunity to post on their outstanding blog. 


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