New Year’s Resolutions from the Team at Choice Baskets!

Well that’s it, back to normal for another year!

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas, much like us with some well needed rest thrown in. While settling back into the routine of work and school, I imagine houses are looking bare and empty?

We have done our end of year stock take and everything is looking as it should be. So, we thought why not put some new special offers on the website.

If you’re stuck for extra storage ideas this is one of our special offers. A sturdy yet lightweight under bed basket. It could be used for shoes or clothes maybe even toys. Fully lined, it would be great for storing almost anything, but looks a lot nicer than a plastic box. To match how about a Water Hyacinth Laundry Basket. The smaller basket that is in stock is perfect for one maybe two people, we also stock matching storage baskets.

Water Hyacinth Under Bed Storage Basket with a metal frame and the water hyacinth woven horizontally in a plaited design. This shallow storage basket would tone in well with your decor throughout the home,and is a great size for making use of the space under your bed. The Water Hyacinth Under Bed Storage Basket has a removable natural lining and faux leather hinges and clasp.                                    Water Hyacinth square laundry washing basket with faux leather handles and a lid that sits over the top of the basket. Two sizes available and also matching small storage and waste paper baskets on separate listings. If you can't fit a square basket in your space, we also stock rectangle Water Hyacinth laundry baskets. Fit your bathroom or en-suite with the matching set. The small storage baskets are perfect for bottles and all the other small bits and pieces needing to be kept close at hand. You could even store a couple of toilet rolls in them. The matching square waste paper basket is a good size for the bathroom, just put a small bin bag inside to make emptying easier.                                               Rectangle Water Hyacinth storage basket deep with metal frame and integral handles. In the same style as the shallow Water Hyacinth storage baskets, mix n match to make your storage solutions work.The baskets have a sturdy metal frame with the water hyacinth woven around in a horizontal weave. The baskets also have integral handles for easier lifting and carrying. The water hyacinth storage basket deep and the shallow water hyacinth storage basket are also now available in the same sizes with a removable natural lining, which is exclusive to Choice Baskets. These water hyacinth storage baskets deep are ideal for storage anywhere in your home or office. Use instead of drawers, or to store clothes or bedding in your wardrobe or airing cupboard. If you like the style but would prefer a different colour we stock the same size baskets in Seagrass, with or without the natural lining. Being a natural product the colour of water hyacinth is a mix of beige and brown, making it a contemporary storage item for many areas of your home. While looking good, these baskets are also strong and sturdy and should last a long time if treated properly. We have a large range of Water Hyacinth Laundry Baskets in our online shop, and also an underbed storage basket, perfect for hiding last seasons clothes or shoes, yet having easy access when needed. In the Philippines water hyacinth is dried and used to make baskets and matting for domestic used, it is woven onto a wire frame which means it is usually pretty strong and well suited for stacking and storage.



Possibly to add to the New Year, New Home this collapsible storage range? Out with the plastic and in with some new modern bags? In three colour ways your whole room storage sorted at once. They also flatten for ease of storage when not in use- how clever!!

First Home Student Starter Storage Set, this set of 10 storage bags are the perfect start for your storage solutions, especially when setting up your first home, or for a student off to University. The fabric bags have a strong rim around the top of the bag with the Laundry and Larger bags having long canvas handles making it easier to lift them, while the small storage bags have the same canvas stitched to either end as shorter, flat handles, ideal when using them as drawers.

Lots of new year’s resolutions also still in full swing, a popular one this year is to ditch the plastic, which is amazing for businesses like ours. There is so much you can do to reduce the plastic in your home without reducing the durability of your storage products.

Last special offer for today, instead of a plastic carrier bag why not get ahead of the game and purchase one of our two picnic baskets. Either for 6 or 8, these baskets have glasses, a cool bag and a rug that is attached for ease of carrying. There is space in both baskets for a few bottles of your favourite tipple. Ideal for the summer or possibly for a present!

Wicker Liquid Picnic Basket 8 Glasses and Blanket. Wicker Liquid Picnic Basket made from Full Buff Willow Wicker,  has eight  sections, four along each short side and containing a wine glass. Six sections in the middle to hold wine or fizz bottles. Removable green cooler bag with zipped lid, and a cream picnic blanket strapped to the side of the basket. Please Note: the wine is NOT included. If you like going to outdoor concerts or to the Races, this wicker liquid picnic basket is a great way to carry your wine and glasses. The basket even has a high carrying handle so you don't have to bend too far to pick it up.

With a basket for just about every job you know what to do…. Contact us via our ‘About Us’ page or give us a call for all your basket requirements!

We are here to help!

Happy 2019!

Grace and Corinne!

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