Stylish & Practical Wicker Storage Accessories For Your Home

Stylish & Practical Wicker Storage Accessories For Your Home

We all spend more time in our homes during the cold weather, so what better time of year to spruce up your interior and have everything just-so for winter. Bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms all become a little redundant through the summer months, but now is the time to get on top of your storage with Choice Baskets.

In The Bedroom…


I recently had a wander around the beautiful showroom at Hartley’s Bedrooms and noticed lots of clever hideaway ideas, such as a foldaway bed, headboards doubling up as shelves, and built-in wardrobes. These spaces often get missed as handy storage opportunities, including wardrobe bottoms, so why not use lined baskets which are light in weight, yet sturdy in construction, suitable for storing all manner of shoes, clothing and accessories.  And with the addition of a lining, belongings are safe from snagging on the wicker ends. Using our matching range of baskets in various shapes and sizes means previously unused space suddenly becomes a lot more versatile.

At Choice Baskets we have an excellent range of colours to choose from; toning with any interior decor. While purples and reds bring in touches of luxury, more natural mauve and heather hues are complimented by our grey rattan baskets. Grey rattan is not a solid colour, it is a mixture of greys and browns toning together. Chunky and contemporary, this storage is a modern twist on a traditional basket. Add a large basket at the end of your bed to store spare cushions and throws, and match with others which can also be added to your room to make use of any free and open areas.

And I don’t know about you but I just love my bedroom to smell nice! And many of our small baskets are perfect sizes for potpourri. Change the colour and fragrance to match the season; you can always give the basket a quick wash to clear any previous scent.


An attractive & sweet-smelling accessory, and perfect as a gift.

And In The Study…


Make your working space an attractive & effective place to be!

In your office space you will have plenty of files and stationery to house. The tones of our buff willow baskets compliment natural wood grain finished cabinets, helping to create a bright and co-ordinated room. Matched with light coloured walls, your home office becomes an inspiring fresh space to work in. Smart and hardworking interior design in your work space is key to aiding focus, especially when working from home.  A minimalist, clutter free desk is the perfect place to be successful.  And if you are short of space, stack trunks on top of each other, perfect for storing files, books or out of season clothes and bedding. The metal frame of the sea-grass chests shown here makes them sturdy and stackable.

choice2-225x300Chic sea-grass chests for files, books & lots more.

Many of our baskets are labelled with suggestions on  how they should be used. But to all intents and purposes, what better way to use a basket divided into sections (and listed as a cutlery basket) than on your dressing table for make-up, combs and nail files! And with Christmas approaching fast, why not use our open baskets as gift hampers suitable for a wide range of festive contents, from smellies and potpourri to cheeses, wines and chocolates!

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