Tree Top Warriors Face the Fear and Do It Anyway

Tree Top Warriors Face the Fear and Do It Anyway

Mrs CB did something way out of her comfort zone, and now wants to tell the world about it!!

She’s not really the adventurous type, but 2019 was to be the year of change.  

So, when a friend posted on Facebook that she wanted to do the Raven Tree Tops Adventure, Corinne messaged and said she would do it with her.

What you need to remember, is Mrs CB is not particularly keen on heights, and won’t walk on a Pier if she can see the water below her!

Saturday afternoon was the time and Skipton’s Aireville Park was the place. They were the last ones to do the course that day, just as well as it took them a bit longer than the group of young girls that went out before them!

When you’re standing on the ground looking up, it doesn’t look so bad, but what a difference when you’re up there and at times the only thing keeping you upright is your harness.


Harness’ on, fitted and checked, off the ladies went for their training. You can’t have both clips open at the same time – good news, we will be “attached” all the way round the course (as long as we remember where/what to clip on to).

Good start, they both manage to get up the ladder, without losing their grip, and onto the first platform. And this is where the fun began. Who goes first? What do we have to do??


Thank goodness for Dude, the staff member, who followed and encouraged.  He was only meant to be closing the course but without him, I’m not convinced the ladies would have kept going 😊


But keep going they did! They came face to face with many challenges.

The first for Mrs CB was a zip wire. She’s used to being in control, the idea that her harness was the only thing that was going to stop her from falling to the ground was difficult to accept, but she did it time and again. She must have had her eyes shut!!


I’m not sure whether they were mad or brave, but either way, they both committed to doing the whole course, encouraging each other all the way round, and they did it. Even managing to take a selfie while they were up there!












And here they are, enjoying a well-earned G&T, at the end, after lots of hugs.


They should be very proud of themselves. Just wondering what’s next – Mrs CB??




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