Choice Baskets Beautiful Log Basket Guide

Choice Baskets Beautiful Log Basket Guide

Happy Monday!

Today I thought I would share with you some of our log baskets ahead of the chilly winter we are expecting!

These three baskets are becoming popular, they are all now lined meaning all those little tiny bits are caught in the bottom then it can be thrown out, rather than getting all over the floor.

In three shapes- round, square and rectangular they can fit most spaces, the square and round are in three sizes whereas the rectangular basket comes in two.


Lined Grey Rattan Round Log Basket hooped handles available in three sizes; small, medium and large. The baskets have two hooped carrying handle opposite each other attached to the top of the basket. The removable hessian lining as attached around the top inside edge with velcro, making it easy to remove for cleaning, or to carry logs to and from the basket rather than carrying the whole basket   Lined Grey Rattan Square Log Basket hooped handles, available in three sizes; small, medium and large. The baskets have hooped carrying handles at opposite sides and a removable hessian lining. The lining is attached around the top inside edge with velcro, so can easily be removed either to dispose of residue from logs, or to carry logs from the outside store into the house, rather than carrying the whole basket.   Lined Grey Rattan Rectangle Log Basket hooped handles in large and medium sizes.The baskets have a hooped carrying handles at each short end. These baskets have a hessian lining attached inside the top with velcor, meaning it can be removed to empty small bits of wood, or to be washed. You could even use the lining for carrying logs back and forth rather than taking the whole basket. Both the medium and large lined grey rattan rectangle baskets are a good size for holding logs, depending on the size of your burner/fire and space.


Yes, this Choice Baskets Beautiful Log Basket Guide is about log baskets, but the baskets can also be used for storage. Whether it is toys, shoes, or bedding the lining stops material catching making is safe for all objects!

Another new log basket is the washed round log basket, this also comes in two sizes, chunky and modern, it has been popular to sit beside a stove to put kindling and coal in.


Washed Willow Wicker Round Log Basket with stitched in natural lining. A nice chunky basket made from full buff willow wicker, in a natural colour that will fit any home. The stitched in lining stops bits getting though the wicker and reduces the dust escaping too. The baskets have strong, wicker wrapped external handles, making carrying so much easier. Although lots of people leave the basket on the hearth and bring wood to empty into it, rather than carrying the whole thing full. We stock a large range of log baskets in Wicker, Rattan and Wild Willow .Willow baskets are very versatile. These are much hardier and can be used outside as they will survive in all weathers. Usually a stronger weave, they are very sturdy and solid. Grown in fields and by river banks as willow, the branches are stripped of their outer layer and usually treated before weaving. The end product is well suited to carrying weight although the baskets themselves are lightweight. Buff Willow is cropped mainly in November, but sometimes not until December. It is the most popular and is obtained by boiling the willows to release the natural colourant tannin from the bark into the wood. The bark is then stripped from the willow revealing the characteristic golden colour. The washed finish is created by dipping the basket in a weak paint solution and leaving it to dry.


The last log basket for today is the Grey Rattan open log basket, this basket is much hardier and can be used outside as they will survive in all weathers. Because of its stronger weave, they are very sturdy and solid.


Set of 3 Grey Rattan Open Log Magazine Baskets available separately or as a set. These grey rattan open log magazine baskets have a high carrying handle, open front, solid sides, back and base. These baskets would look lovely sitting next to your log burner with wood, kindling, firelighters in, but equally would be useful to store your magazines and newspapers. Grey rattan is very contemporary, a modern twist on a traditional basket. We now stock a range of Grey Rattan baskets for logs, magazines, bottles, stair in fact just about every basket you can think of is now available in Grey Rattan.Grey rattan is not a solid colour, it is a mixture of muted greys and browns toning together. A strong chunky, material, ideal for logs, crafts, picnics.


With all these baskets we can try and match them to suit your needs, maybe it’s a paper basket or kindling basket you need to sit by the side.

Don’t hesitate to contact us and we will do our best, even if it isn’t in stock!

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