Back to School Sorting Out – Choice Baskets

It seems that summer was only just here/we’re still waiting/it’s over, but it is time to start looking forward to a slightly different season. For a lot of us that is term time, school uniforms and – age dependent- text books, calculators, lunch boxes and pens, pens, pens.

This is where the new range from really comes into it’s own. Storage is a problem for all of us at the best of times but throw in an angsty – and messy – teenager with more ‘stuff’ than you can believe is necessary, then this range will bring a little calm amid the hormonal storm.


This is my current favourite Shallow-lined-buff-storage-lge  It’s beautifully made, desk sized, lined – and crucially my son likes it. With a removable lining even he’s wondering how it stays so clean. (He’ll work out one day who the washing fairy is.)  It looks neat, sweet and it means he can find things. Oh yes, and it doesn’t get in the way of his X Box.

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