Hello Bespoke Baskets!!!

Hello and welcome to my first ever blog!!

For those who don’t me, I am Grace. Chief of Marketing and Social Media (also Corinne’s daughter!).

And owner of the gorgeous mascot Jett!



I thought I would take over the blog and make it more a regular thing. As I have just finished doing a Foundation Degree I have some time to do it, until September when I am going to complete the top-up (scary stuff!)

Over the years I have got a large insight into the basket world, attending regular shows, fairs and awaiting the deliveries that regularly come in. Although it wasn’t until 2015 that I took the plunge in coming here one day a week, I can safely say I’m loving it! I, like my mum am a lover of baskets and have them everywhere at home. The baskets that come into the warehouse are checked for quality control, however after the 11 years of the business we deal with ethical suppliers and they know we don’t take ’any old rubbish’. We are slowly building up our bespoke lines to, our most popular are the Buff Storage Range, these baskets are useful for ANYTHING!!


Keep an eye on my blog, once a month I will be updating you all on the events here at CBHQ where you can come for a browse and a cup of tea! We also put exciting information on our Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest is next on the list to be updated!



We would love to hear how you use baskets, favourite materials, types and how long you have had that one basket you love. I will be sharing our customer’s photos to from time to time to if you need some extra inspiration!

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