Holidays, Homes and Habitats

It is Summer, according to the date and not the weather. A time for enjoying holidays, often in other peoples homes and living with their habitats.

Having recently returned from a beautiful holiday in Canada, staying with friends in their home and trailer, I got to wondering about how we decide where to take our holidays, for us this was a no-brainer, it was a special birthday so we saved hard and flew to Vancouver, travelling on the Rocky Mountaineer to Banff and driving on to Calgary where our friends live.

2015-06-24 10.55.06


2015-06-24 12.53.30-2


What a great lifestyle they have, an apartment just outside the City where they live during the week while working, then on a Friday they drive for an hour and a half to their other home, a beautiful Trailer (very large caravan to us), in a peaceful location overlooking a lake, with swimming pool on site.

2015-06-27 10.07.52


You may say what has this got to do with baskets. Well, for each part of our trip there is a basket: on the flights I took a small basket withmy crochet in, I got so much done, finished two blankets for babies in Romania:

Blanket-2-Choice Baskets                         Blanket-1-Choice Baskets

On the train, baskets were in use in the Restaurant for bread, and in the carriage for napkins and snacks:

And then on to our friends home, baskets for laundry, storage and shopping. All sorts of baskets all over the place.







At the trailer we sat out in the sun all day and then by the fire in the evening. they had a lovely firepit and of course needed a basket for the logs:

So you see, even while I was on holiday, I didn’t stop thinking about baskets. Its a shame the only ones I saw for sale were in Walmart & Michaels. They were no where near the quality that we sell, all split willow and cheap paint.

Oh well, back to reality. Lots of new beautiful baskets will be on sale soon. Don’t forget as well as our Online Shop, you can also visit our Showroom:

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