International Day of Happiness

I hope you’ve all had a good International Day of Happiness. What a shame we have to have a specific day, but at least it gives us the opportunity to celebrate being happy and try to put a smile on everyones face. Seeing the Eclipse this morning, some beautiful skies this evening and the daffodils all open and bright makes me feel happy and very lucky.

I’ve had Flu this week and felt absolutely rubbish this week. Going to try and rest this weekend – lay down, close my eyes and think about the new baskets we will be bringing in this year.

Number one is a really pretty white washed basket, with swing handles and a lid. The inside is lined with Cath Kidson style flowery fabric.

Now where in the house could I use one of these baskets. I’m thinking in the Nursery for nappies, cream, and all those other little bits and pieces needed when changing baby. Or in the Craft Room for storing your fat quarters, embroidery or works in progress, or use as a Sewing Basket, I’m sure this one would be plenty big enough.

Oh my goodness, I can’t stop thinking about it now. A wedding picnic, fill the baskets with food and drink for 2/4 people and let your guests collect their basket and choose where they sit. No need to buy wedding favours either, your guests can keep the baskets instead.

As always, if you have bought a basket from us, we would love to see how you are using it. Email your photo’s and we will show them on Facebook and Twitter.

Have a Great Weekend Everyone, and Be Happy.






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