World Book Day – 5th March 2015

There’s another very special and important date coming up that is worth preparing for.  March 5th is World Book Day. It’s an increasingly popular event and a lovely day to dress up and celebrate a favourite literary character.


picnicWhat could be better for a budding Little Red Riding Hood than this: Sure to make any little adventurer who plans to visit Grandma look and feel the part. It’s wonderfully made and of course can be used for the real thing in the summer. Also available in a white wash finish:



And what about this for a fairy? Filled with flowers, it would look just out of this world. round

Or how about Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz? She would never have left Kansas without this, – just the right size to carry little Toto when he gets tired.

childs hollander






Whichever character you or your child chooses for World Book Day, there is something in this range that will really bring them to life. Add to the excitement of the day with a basket that will make you really believe you are that star. Bring the fantasy alive!


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